Which Edition Is For You?

Our primary aim is to ensure we deliver the most complete, original and beautifully designed book possible. 


To this end, the various editions of Independent By Design are all based around our core vision: to deliver a unique insight into the stories and artistry of today’s most pioneering indie game developers, delivered as a desirable hardcover book.



Core Edition

Our Code Edition is a copy of the book in its primary form, featuring 240 pages of bespoke content created from dozens of hours with our featured developers and industry experts.


These include, Croteam, Roll7, Cellar Door Games, Lucas Pope, Introversion Software, Vlambeer, Frictional Games, Devolver Digital, Dean 'Rocket' Hall and more. Full list and more info here.


Signed Edition
One copy of the Core Edition, signed by authors Stace Harman and John Robertson


The Transcript Edition: The Ultimate Insight 

*The transcript component will come as a separate book delivered in unison with the Core Edition of Independent By Design. 


The most exhaustive and complete version of Independent By Design is our Transcript Edition. Featuring written transcripts of the dozens of hours of interviews we've undertaken with independent developers and the industry figures vital to their success.


Printed as a separate book on its own unique paper stock, these interview transcripts provide even greater behind the scenes access to the thinking and attitudes of some of the most exciting pioneers of indie development.


In short, the Transcript Edition is the most exhaustive version of Independent By Design available.


We're putting the transcripts into their own dedicated volume due to the sheer volume of content it will contain. If we tried to add the transcripts to the Core Edition it would ruin our plans to produce a coffee-table sized book that is as much a celebration of the featured studios' visual design prowess as it is an examination of them as people and creators.