IBD #01 - Devolver Digital on its origins, goals and ideology

Devolver describes itself a purveyor of entertainment created by independent artists from around the world. Some of its best known game releases include Hotline Miami, the Serious Sam series, Not A Hero and Luftrausers, with developers such as Dennaton, Croteam, Roll7 and Vlambeer counted as amongst its game development partners.

Devolver's founders had previously started Gathering of Developers, a publisher fuelled by the idea of creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem between independent game designer and publisher, in which the creator would retain full control over their project. After it was acquired in 2000 by Take-Two Interactive, Gathering of Developers quickly disintegrated.

The founders left and the publisher’s operation was blended into the Take-Two owned 2K Games brand. Devolver Digital shares the same core philosophy of Gathering of Developers, the focus being on allowing independent creators to showcase a work that they retain full control over. Graeme Struthers, part of the small core team that makes up Devolver, took the time to talk to us and tell us his story.

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