IBD #04 - Mode 7 Games

UK-based Mode 7 Games was founded by Paul Kilduff-Taylor and Ian Hardingham and is best known for creating top-down turn-based tactical combat titles, Frozen Synapse and Frozen Synapse 2.

They’ve also applied the turn-based strategic treatment to a futuristic sports title in the form of Frozen Cortex and, before any of that, they created Determinance, a sword-fighting multiplayer title in which you fly around crossing blades and wits using one-to-one mouse movements to drive combat.

In addition to developing its own titles, Mode 7 is making forays into publishing games. Tokyo 42, developed by creative partnership Smac Games, is the first game to be released by Mode 7 acting in a publisher capacity.

Here, Paul Kilduff-Taylor talks about his creative roles as musician, writer, designer and business developer, the useful lessons of perceived failure and how to stand out from the crowd.

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