IBD #02 - Introversion Software

Introversion Software was founded in 2001 by three friends not long out of university. Together, Chris Delay, Mark Morris and Tom Arundel pooled their varied skill sets and talents to help fuel the creative process and to enter a competition to write a business plan, the grand prize for which was £10,000.

It was to prove a pivotal moment in the fledgling company’s history. While they didn’t win the competition, it did enable the founding members to begin to establish the creative and managerial blueprint they would use over the next decade and a half. In that time, Introversion Software has grown through the many lows and highs of independent game development against the ever changing backdrop of this creative medium.

Here, Mark Morris talks about Introversion’s outlook on game creation, the dangers of design by committee and how the company’s greatest strengths have come to light over time.

He first outlines the company’s early days and how the roles of the three founders, alongside that of company co-director John Knottenbelt, were hashed out in the early 2000s. Later, he discusses how the success of Prison Architect was as a result of the team’s experience and willingness to persevere as a team.

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