IBD #15 - Stoic Studio's Alex Thomas on The Banner Saga, Killers & Thieves, and Creative Pre

5 July, 2017 - Alex Thomas is co-founder of development studio Stoic, the team responsible for The Banner Saga series of games. Alex has also released stealthy heist management title, Killers and Thieves, which he developed alone and published through Stoic.

Here, he gives a raw account of his time developing Killers and Thieves, offering an honest assessment of his successes and failures throughout the project and highlighting what he believes have been the downsides of a low-key, stealth launch.

There's also discussion of why Alex avoided Early Access for Killers and Thieves but why he believes it could absolutely be the right way to go for a future release, the pressures of delivering on a successful Kickstarter campaign for The Banner Saga and his time writing the currently in-development Banner Saga 3.

We start this week's episode with talk about the formation of Stoic, the company Alex founded alongside John Watson and Arnie Jorgensen, whom he worked with at BioWare on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Music by Ben Prunty.

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