IBD #16 - Old Man's Journey and the interpretive power of video games

In this episode we’re talking to Felix Bohatsch co-founder of Broken Rules – the studio behind Old Man’s Journey, one of 2017’s most mesmerising and engaging games.

It’s a game that asks us to look within ourselves in order to interpret its events and themes. We talk about that and more with Felix.

Games typically ask us to inject ourselves into them, whether that’s by simply interacting with a button in order to open a door and progress to the next area or if it’s by selecting dialogue options or making other kinds of decisions that gives us a seemingly subjective control over the plot.

Fewer games ask us to both inject ourselves into them and allow ourselves to be injected by them. Old Man’s Journey demands that kind of open relationship between player and game.

If you’re not prepared to try and define a personal interpretation of the happenings on screen then you’re not getting the full experience. Felix Bohatsch elaborates of this idea throughout this episode of the Indie By Design podcast.

Music by Ben Prunty.

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