Gaming: The Podcast - Trailer

Welcome to Gaming, the podcast from Indie By Design.

This show is, surprisingly enough, about games - with each weekly episode dedicated to delving into and answering a single question about them.

Why is that game so good (or bad)?

What is it about that piece of game design that works so well?

Which game do you absolutely love but would never play again?

Is Big Bird the original chocobo?

Your hosts are John Robertson and Stace Harman - long-time game design and narrative consultants and authors of books that celebrate the culture and greatness of videogames. You can find out more about that at

Episodes are released every Thursday, starting 8 Oct 2020.

Find us on Twitter @IndieByDesign and join us on our Discord server where you can mingle with other game-loving folk just like yourself.

See you soon!

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