IBD #10 - Tequila Works / Rime

Rime Tower

Spanish studio Tequila Works is responsible for both Rime and Deadlight. These games are very different in their presentation and forms of interaction, but they share an indelible quality that has resulted in deserved acclaim for their creator.

The studio is young, having only formed in 2009 as a coming together of former employees of gaming companies as diverse as Blizzard, Sony and MercurySteam. Impressively, however, it has already found a voice and given us games that are impactful and memorable to a degree that more established studios have yet to achieve.

Here Indie By Design host John Robertson talks to Tequila Works’ CEO and creative director Raul Rubio, as well as lead designer Kevin Sarda, about the design similarities and differences between Rime and Deadlight, the internal direction of the studio itself and how that affects its games and why the two are so dedicated to creating games.

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