Why and how do videogame safe rooms work?

Safe Rooms are the topic of this week's Gaming: The Podcast, those things with the typewriters in in Resident Evil games.

Specifically we're talking about how and why they work and how they are designed to inform and enhance those things that take place not only inside of their walls, but outside of them.

One thing to note on this episode is that we suffered a microphone issue on Stace's end which we weren't able to fix in time for release - such are the dangers of recording remotely in a lockdown. Rest assured that this issue has now been fixed and will not impact future episodes, just as it hasn't impacted previous ones.

Indie By Design is John Robertson and Stace Harman, videogame design and narrative consultants and creators of books that celebrate the art, history and culture of gaming.

A video version of this podcast is available at https://www.youtube.com/c/indiebydesign

Music by Ben Prunty.

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